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Welcome to that 70's Show!!!

(Theme Song)

Hanging out. Down the street.
The same old thing, we did last week!
Not a thing to do, but talk to you!
We're all alright! We're all alright!
Hello Wisconsin!

That 70s Show is an american television sitcom that is about the lives of a group of teenagers living in Point Place, Wisconsin.
The show follows the life of geeky teenager Eric Forman (Topher Grace) and his five teenage friends: Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon), his feminist girlfriend and next-door neighbor; Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson), a rebellious hard-rocking stoner; Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), a dim-witted narcissistic ladies man; Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis), a self-involved high school cheerleader overly preoccupied with wealth and status; and Fez (Wilmer Valderrama), the nicknamed foreigner whose country of origin is ambiguous and whose hormones are out of control. Fez's real name is felt to be unpronounceable to the other characters and so they rename him Fez, which stands for Foreign Exchange Student.

Eric Forman - Topher Grace

Eric Forman is the main charcater of this show That 70's Show and is played by Topher Grace. Most episodes of this show are taken place at the Formans home where various things happen whether its just simply hanging out or haveing a session where they sit around a table reffered to as the circle and smoke marajuana. He has a mother named Kitty, which hates the fact that he might leave her one day and has the menopause.
Donna Pinciotti - Laura Prepon

Donna Pinciotti is the long time girlfriend of main character Eric Forman. Even though they have split up once or twice they have and will always love each other so they stay together.
Donna's parents are always trying out new things from yoga to nudist parties, which donna despises as she thinks theyre freaks. Her mother Midge is a blonde woman who the male members of the group adore as she has big breasts. Bob the father with an afro is a father that loves his daughter but he is just as dumb as Midge.

Michael Kelso - Ashton Kutcher

Michael Kelso is the lanky tall one and the pretty boy of the gang of friends, he wants o go through life on his good lucks as he thinks he is destined to be a model. Kelso is his nickname and he has a girlfriend who is Jackie Burkhart another friend of the gang an they always have there little on and off relationship.

Jackie Burkhart - Mila Kunis

Jackie Burkhart is the rich little spoilt girl of the gang who goes out with Kelso, she is Donnas best friend and always gives her advice that seems pointless but is usually correct to Donnas amazement. In the first few seasons she is only a part of the gang due to going out with Kelso but later on in the seasons she becomes one of the gang.

Steven Hyde - Danny Masterton

Steven Hyde otherwise called Hyde is a marajuana smoker of the gang even though all of the gang smoke it. Hyde is a joker of the gang as well as Kelso, he is abandoned in the first few seaons by both his motherd father but the Formans take him into their home to live as he is Erics best friend.

Fez (foreign exchange student) - Wilmer Walderama

Fez is a foreign exchange student thats why thy call him Fez (poetic license). Fez is a foreign guy and is very unusual in the first season as he gets used to America. Fez is the horny one of the group as he is always on about wanting to be a man (losing his virginity.)

Kitty Forman - Debra Jo Rupp

Kitty Foreman ais the mother of Eric and loves him like he is a little child still as she isovercaring. She is also on the menopause which means hell for the rest of the Formans as she has oubursts of anger which is hysterical.

Red Forman - Kurtwood Smith

Red is a real hard ass on Eric as he wants him to be a man and not be a weak man, he is always threatining to put his foot in other peoples ass if they speak with attitude or cheek to him. He is completely different around Kitty and his other child Laurie as he listens to everything his wife says and loves Laurie as she is his baby girl.

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